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Pinterest For Blogging: Boosting Traffic And Engagement

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  • image July 10, 2023
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Blogs have become a solid way to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. But in the vast digital world, it can take much work to stand out and reach a larger audience. 

This is where Pinterest Blogging comes in as a game-changer for writers. It is a social media site that is both visually appealing and very engaging. 

Pinterest is a unique mix of image-focused discovery and social networking. It gives blogs a great chance to reach more people, get more website traffic, and get their audiences more involved. 

You will learn how to use Pinterest to skyrocket your blogging efforts. Also, you will learn how to optimize your presence, hook users, and, ultimately, get a huge increase in viewers and interactions.

1. Amazing Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Now, newer, smaller accounts have a more challenging time getting their pins to rank. Your pins will likely get less attention if you have a few friends. So, people are less interested.

Over time, you’ll also get regular business from Pinterest Blogging. Some of your Pinterest pins might not appear in searches for six months to a year. This is why I say to be patient and keep going! You can still use the methods and tips I’m giving you.

2. Make Eye-Catching Pins

To stand out on Pinterest, pin high-quality pictures to your boards. Have a mix of photos and graphics.

Adding the title of your blog post to your pin pictures is a simple tip that can make a big difference in getting people to visit your blog. This will help people immediately understand your story and why they should click through to read it.

Also, putting buzzwords in your titles will make it easier for potential readers to find your pins. So, the next time you make a pin, include the title of your blog post. It could greatly affect how well book publishers in new york city promotion does.

3. Build Your Pinterest Brand

You need to “brand yourself” on Pinterest so that the right people interested in you can find you.

Your description will tell them much about the pins you’ll share. Now is not the time to be hard to figure out.

So, be yourself and ensure you’re easily understood in a few seconds. People on Pinterest will quickly look at your page and decide whether they want to follow you.

If they quickly look at your boards, they’ll also see what information you share.

Therefore, you must ensure the following for Pinterest Blogging:

  • If you’re a blogger or influential, you should have a great picture of yourself. Even if you’re a consultant, a picture of you is more appealing than your business logo. A well-taken and edited phone photo can do well if you don’t have a professional picture.
  • Put on a cover that fits your business. Include a URL, as I did, or a short tagline, image, or whatever works for you, your blog, or your business.

4. Increase Activity On Pinterest

If you want Pinterest to bring people to your blog, you must interact with your audience.

And involvement works both ways. Your audience will only sometimes come running to your door. Take advantage of the fact that Pinterest is a social tool by commenting on other people’s pins, sharing their content, and following users with similar interests.

The more you talk to people, the more likely they will talk to you. As a result, you become more noticeable to the people you want to reach.

You can create interactive post ideas like contests, polls, or DIY challenges to get people to react.

Tips to get more people to interact on Pinterest Blogging:

  • Make and pin interactive material.
  • Use Pinterest marketing tools to pin often and reliably so that you show up in their feeds.
  • Follow those who follow you.
  • Look at what people who follow you like on their boards and pins.
  • Re-pin, like, and comment on the useful pins of your Followers.
  • Re-pin great content from business leaders and other sources your fans like.

5. Add Text to Your Picture

If you want people to click on your pin and visit your blog, it’s a great idea to start Add Text to Your Picture. Discover how to effectively add text to images.

Doing it right makes your pin look more professional and lets the person who pinned it know what it’s about quickly and at a glance.

It’s easy to add text to pictures these days. There are free tools like Canva for editing photos that make it easy for anyone to add text to their pictures.

If you want more options and tools to make your pictures stand out, you can also buy Adobe Photoshop. They have a monthly plan that won’t break the bank and video guides to help you.

Google Fonts is a good place to start if you need help finding where to look for free fonts. You can’t make a mistake there!

6. Make Blog Post Pins Visible

If you want to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest Blogging, it’s essential to use keywords in the names and descriptions of your pins.

Using themes, Pinterest users can find your blog posts when they look for things related to your blog. By adding keywords, Pinterest can figure out what your pins are about and promote them properly.

When picking keywords, choose terms related to your blog’s topic and the people who read it.

7. Get Your Pinterest Some Clicks

So you have an excellent profile, well-organized and optimized boards, and the titles and descriptions of your pins are optimized for search engines with keywords.

Pinterest Blogging is a visual search engine, so your pins must look good. Explore visual strategies for Pinterest This is the third way that Pinterest can bring people to a blog.

1- Pinterest says 1000 x 1500 pixels is the best size, but any 2:3 size works well. For A/B tests, I make longer vertical pins (1000 x 2100 px).

2- Ensure the images are connected to the topic (keyboards for blogging, parents and kids for parenting tips, trails and woods for hiking and other outdoor topics, etc.).

3- ALWAYS use good photos. Bright, clear contrasts work best, but softer, lighter pictures can work well with dark fonts.

Key Focus Area and Profound Details

Key Focus Area Actionable Strategies Expected Outcomes
Visual Engagement – Create high-quality, eye-catching pins.
– Add blog post titles and buzzwords to pins.
Increased visibility and interest in blog content.
Pinterest Branding – Develop a personal brand image.
– Include a clear, engaging description.
Stronger personal connection with the audience.
Interactive Activity – Engage with the audience through comments, shares, and follows.
– Create interactive content like polls or challenges.
Enhanced user interaction and network growth.
Content Presentation – Add text to images using tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop.
– Use appealing fonts and layouts.
Professional-looking pins that clearly convey content themes.
SEO Optimization – Use keywords in pin names and descriptions.
– Align images with blog topics.
Better searchability and relevance on Pinterest.
Visual Standards – Adhere to optimal pin sizes (1000×1500 pixels).
– Use high-quality, relevant images.
Optimal display and engagement with pins.
Overall Impact – Consistently apply the above strategies.
– Regularly update and refine Pinterest approach.
Increased blog traffic and sustained reader engagement.


Here are six easy strategies for Pinterest Blogging to attract more readers to your site. Learn additional tactics for blog promotion. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg; Pinterest can benefit your site in numerous ways.

Social media sites like Pinterest can profoundly affect your blog in this age of visual content and online networking. Using the methods mentioned above, you’ll be able to successfully navigate Pinterest’s complex landscape and see significant gains in blog traffic and reader engagement. 

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