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How To Publish A Book On Amazon?


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If you’ve ever wanted to write a book and have it published, Amazon is a great way to make that happen. Self-publishing on Amazon is a great way to Publish a Book in front of millions worldwide. In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to Publish a Book, from getting ready to get the word out.

Preparing Your Manuscript

Make sure your work is in the best shape it can be before you start the process of getting it published. Writing and rewriting are two of the most important parts of making a polished and interesting book. Once your content is ready, you should focus on formatting the manuscript for both eBook and paperback forms. Also, make a professional cover that shows what your book is about.

Setting Up Your Amazon KDP Account

The first step to Publishing a Book is to sign up for an Amazon Kindle Direct releasing account. This platform lets you keep track of sales, set prices, and handle your titles. Look around the KDP dashboard, which is easy to use, to learn about its features.

Adding a New Title

Choose whether you want to print an eBook, a paperback, or both when you add a new title. Include the book’s title, subtitle, and author’s name in your title description. If you have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or prefer Amazon’s ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), put it in this step.

Uploading and Formatting Your Book

Amazon will take eBooks and paperbacks in many different file types. Use tools like Kindle Creates or Caliber to turn your manuscript into MOBI or EPUB file for eBooks. Follow Amazon’s style rules for paperbacks to ensure they are set up correctly. Before finalizing, look over the text to find any formatting mistakes.

Pricing Your Book

Pricing strategies differ for eBooks and paperbacks. Consider factors like book-length, genre, and market trends. For eBooks, flexibility in pricing can help you attract readers. Consider production costs and competitor pricing for paperbacks to set a reasonable cost.

Selecting Keywords and Categories

Keywords and categories are vital for discoverability. Research relevant keywords using Amazon’s search suggestions and incorporate them into your book’s metadata. Choose categories that accurately represent your book’s genre and themes to improve visibility.

Writing a Compelling Book Description

Craft an engaging book description that entices readers to click the “Buy” button. Highlight the central conflict, characters, and unique aspects of your book. Utilize HTML formatting to make the description visually appealing. Urban Book Publishers can help you in creating compelling book descriptions.

Enrolling in KDP Select (Optional)

KDP Select offers exclusive benefits in exchange for enrolling your eBook in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Evaluate whether the program aligns with your marketing strategy and long-term goals.

Previewing Your Book

Before hitting the “Publish” button, utilize Amazon’s previewer tools to check how your eBook or paperback will appear to readers. Address layout, formatting, or typographical issues to ensure a smooth reading experience.

Hitting the “Publish” Button

Double-check all settings and details before finalizing the publication process. Once satisfied, click the “Publish Your Kindle eBook” or “Publish Your Paperback” button. Your book will be available on Amazon within 72 hours.

Marketing Your Published Book

To maximize your book’s success, actively market it. Leverage social media platforms to connect with potential readers. Consider running Amazon Ads to target specific audiences. Encourage readers to leave reviews, as positive reviews can significantly influence potential buyers.

Tracking Sales and Royalties

Monitor your book’s performance using Amazon’s sales reports. These reports provide insights into sales trends, geographic distribution, and more. Receive royalty payments based on your chosen pricing model and sales volume.

Dealing with Copyright and Legalities

Protect your intellectual property by copyrighting your book. Address any concerns related to plagiarism or unauthorized use promptly. Amazon has mechanisms in place to help authors deal with such issues.

What is the benefit of publishing a Book on Amazon

Publishing a book on Amazon offers a range of benefits for authors, both new and established. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Amazon is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, providing access to a massive global audience. Your Publish a Book can reach readers in various countries, increasing your potential readership exponentially.
  • Amazon provides user-friendly self-publishing platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that allow authors to publish their work quickly and easily. You can control the entire publishing process, from formatting to cover design.
  • Traditional publishing often involves sharing much of your book’s earnings with publishers. Self-publishing on Amazon can offer higher royalty rates, allowing you to retain more of your book’s profits.
  • You can set your book’s price as a self-published author on Amazon. This control can help you find the sweet spot for attracting readers while maximizing your earnings.
  • Once your book is published on Amazon, it becomes available for purchase almost instantly. This means your readers won’t have to wait extended periods to access your work.
  • Amazon offers both print-on-demand services and eBook distribution through platforms like KDP. This enables you to cater to different reading preferences, reaching a wider range of readers.
  • Amazon provides tools to track sales, reviews, and reader engagement. These insights can be valuable for understanding your audience and adjusting your marketing strategy.
  • Amazon’s Author Central allows you to create an author profile, manage your bibliography, engage with readers through an author page, and showcase your other works.
  • Amazon’s review system can help build credibility for your book. Positive reviews and ratings from readers can attract more potential buyers.
  • Amazon offers promotional tools like Kindle Countdown Deals, Kindle Free Book Promotion, and targeted advertising to help boost your book’s visibility and sales.
  • You can update your book’s content, cover, and details. This is particularly useful for fixing errors or improving based on reader feedback.
  • If your book is part of a series, Amazon’s platform allows you to easily link the books together, making it convenient for readers to discover and purchase the entire series.
  • Amazon’s search algorithm can recommend your book to readers interested in similar genres or topics, potentially increasing discoverability.
  • With Amazon’s print-on-demand services, you don’t need to worry about maintaining inventory or upfront printing costs. Books are printed and shipped as orders come in.


Publishing a book on Amazon opens doors to a vast readership and the opportunity to establish yourself as an author. By following these steps, from preparing your manuscript to effectively marketing your book, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your publishing goals.

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