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Discover Jojo Moyes’s Best Books in 2024

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  • image March 15, 2024
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Have you been searching for that next great read that will whisk you away on a rollercoaster of emotions? Well, look no further! Urban Book Publishers brings you some of Jojo Moyes’s best books.

For readers old and new, Moyes has always been known for telling stories that tangle themselves around our heartstrings. Jojo Moyes, known for her poignant and life-affirming stories, has captivated readers worldwide. Among her impressive collection, certain titles stand out as essentials for any book lover.

Here’s all the Jojo Moyes Best books, a mix of standalone novels and a compelling trilogy that showcase her storytelling prowess.

Me Before You (Book 1 of the Me Before You Trilogy)

One of the most recognized titles among Jojo Moyes’s Best books, Me Before You, introduces readers to Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. These amazing characters will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

The Story explores themes of love, personal autonomy, and the choices we make that shape our lives. It’s a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking novel that sets the tone for an unforgettable trilogy. It’s a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking novel that lays the groundwork for an unforgettable trilogy.

The Story’s rising action comes to life as the characters face critical decisions that challenge their beliefs and desires.

After You (Book 2 of the Me Before You Trilogy)

Continuing the Story of Lou Clark, After You focuses on her struggle with grief and her journey toward healing after a huge loss. This sequel captures the essence of moving forward bravely and finding hope in unexpected places.

Due to this aspect, this book is also one of Jojo Moyes Best books. It’s a testament to Moyes’ ability to explore complex emotions with empathy and grace.

Still Me (Book 3 of the Me Before You Trilogy)

In Still Me, after the trilogy, Lou ventures to New York City, where she finds herself amidst new adventures. All the adventures she finds herself in challenge her to understand who she is and wants to be.

This finale celebrates identity and personal truth, making it a fitting end to one of Jojo Moyes’s Best Books series.

The Giver of Stars

Set in rural America during the Depression, The Giver of Stars is about extraordinary women who become part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s traveling library.

This novel highlights their personal growth and friendships and paints an inspiring picture of resilience and female solidarity. This makes it another standout in the list of Jojo Moyes Best books.

The Ship of Brides

The Ship of Brides follows the journeys of four women en route to meet their husbands in post-war England, having married Australian servicemen.

Moyes adeptly captures the anxiety, hope, and excitement that marks their journey, weaving a gripping story of love and new beginnings.

This tale is a vivid illustration of the single Story explained concept, showcasing how diverse experiences and emotions can converge in a single, shared journey,

Night Music

Moyes captivates the readers in her novel Night Music through the tale of Isabel Delancey, a violinist who happens to inherit a house that brings with it a lot more than she had expected. Moyes uses themes of grief, disloyalty, and reconciliation with the shambles of the countryside as the setting for her book, which has maintained its status as one of her best novels for those who love elaborate and intense stories.

The Last Letter from Your Lover

This magical novel sews together two stories that happen in different periods, both about missing love letters, lost connections, and never-ending second chances. It perfectly illustrates how Moyes manages to cross the genres of romance and historical thriller and shows why The Last Letter from Your Lover is one of the best books by Jojo Moyes for those who enjoy stories with a hint of romance.


One Plus One

One Plus One is a more lighthearted and engaging work, which brings to the fore Moyes’ power of creating human and struggling characters. In this Story, a woman who becomes a mother is depicted as making her daughter’s life better with a great plot that unexpectedly ends up in a romance.

The Horse Dancer

Inspired by the elite equestrienne tradition of the Cadre Noir, The Horse Dancer is another touching story showcasing Moyes’ knack for exploring complex relationships and circumstances. The plot is about the struggle of a little girl who aspires to a great life through her pursuit of horse riding.

The Girl You Left Behind

Moving from the past, The Girl You Left Behind will take the viewer back to World War I, showing the importance of one painting. The Story goes on to the near present in the courtroom.

It highlights how the past affects the present, like a ghost. This book offers a historically Excellent context with a strong modern-day implication, which is Moyes’ signature in her novels.


Jojo Moyes’ books offer a special journey into stories filled with deep emotions and relatable situations. Whether you’re into historical narratives, contemporary love stories, or tales of adventure, Moyes’ range of books has something for every taste.

By 2024, Moyes has solidified her status as a cherished writer. Her novels are a retreat for those looking to read stories packed with love, conflict, and emotion. Moyes’ talent lies in her ability to evoke both laughter and tears. This shows why her works are favorites among readers worldwide.

No matter if you’re relaxing in the sunshine or cozying up on a dreary day, Moyes’ stories make perfect reading companions. Her latest books highlight her versatility as a storyteller. It demonstrates her deep understanding of what draws readers into a tale.

Moyes’ writing possesses an indescribable charm, possibly due to her precise depiction of human feelings or her skill in creating characters that feel like dear friends. Her novels continue to enchant and delight people across the globe.

As we look at the top picks for 2024, Jojo Moyes’ works promise to enchant once again. They’re tributes to the optimists, the dreamers, and the romantics among us. Now is the perfect time to lose yourself in the magical worlds Moyes crafts herself without help from professional book writing services.

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