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Just Press Play To Hear The Piece.

Audiobooks and Audible have changed how we enjoy books. In a busy world, deciding between these two big options can affect how much we like listening to audiobooks. Let’s look at the prices, how many books they have, and how their apps work to determine which is best for audiobook fans.

1. Pricing

Audible and Audiobooks.com offer different ways to buy and listen to audiobooks. Audible has a subscription called Audible Plus, where you pay a monthly fee and can listen to many audiobooks. Audiobooks.com works with a system where you get credits to exchange for audiobooks.

2. Discounts and Trials

Both Audible and Audiobooks.com often have deals to attract new users. Audible, for example, gives new users a tempting free trial period.

3. Own or Borrow?

Here’s a big difference – with Audible, you usually “own” the audiobooks through your subscription. On the other hand, Audiobooks.com works more like a library where you “borrow” audiobooks using your credits. So, it’s not just about what you want to listen to but also how you like to get audiobooks.

4. Library Size and Variety

Audible has a huge library with thousands of titles covering various genres, including novels, non-fiction bestsellers, classics, and podcasts. While Audiobooks.com doesn’t have as many titles, it still offers a substantial collection to entertain you.

5. New Releases and Popular Titles

If staying up-to-date is important to you, Audible, part of Amazon, often gets access to new releases because of publisher-author collaboration. However, Audiobooks.com is competitive in this regard, ensuring you have access to various fresh releases.

6. Exclusive Content

Audible has exclusive content called Audible Originals, which includes original audiobooks, podcasts, and more. On the other hand, Audiobooks.com creates special collections, providing its unique exclusives.

7. Search and Browse Features

Finding your next audiobook adventure should be easy. Audible stands out with its search and browse features, offering strong genre filters and personalized recommendations. Audiobooks.com also simplifies exploration, ensuring you don’t get lost in audiobooks.

8. App Functionality: User Interface and Ease of Use

Imagine an app that’s easy to navigate without needing a manual. Audible’s app is known for its user-friendly design, making it easy to use on your desktop, mobile, or tablet. While Audiobooks.com may not be as flashy, it has a straightforward interface, ensuring you won’t get lost in the auditory experience.

9. Playback Features

Control your audiobook experience with ease. Audible offers various playback features, including speed control and a sleep timer, letting you customize the narration. Audiobooks.com keeps up, providing similar playback options for your listening pleasure.

10. Download and Storage Options

Life doesn’t always come with unlimited data. That’s why both platforms allow you to download audiobooks for offline listening. Audible and Audiobooks.com offer storage solutions that won’t force you to delete apps to accommodate your literary cravings.

11. Integration with Other Apps or Devices

In today’s connected world, integration matters. Audible seamlessly syncs with audiobook devices like Amazon Kindle, enhancing your audiobook journey. While Audiobooks.com may not have Amazon’s influence, it integrates with various platforms, giving you flexibility in your listening adventures.

12. Customer Service and Support

Having reliable support is crucial when you find yourself lost in the audiobook world. Audible, supported by Amazon book publishing services, provides strong customer service to quickly address your concerns. Audiobooks.com also offers responsive support, making sure your listening journey remains smooth.

13. Community Features and Engagement

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book club vibe? Audible’s user community, with reviews, ratings, and recommendations, creates a lively space for book lovers to connect. Audiobooks.com, though not as extensive, Audiobooks.com fosters a community where audiobook enthusiasts can share their thoughts and discoveries.

14. Accessibility Options

Inclusivity is important, especially in the world of audiobooks. Audible takes extra steps by offering features for visually impaired users, providing a range of accessibility options. Audiobooks.com also ensures a user-friendly experience for all listeners, making audiobooks accessible to a broader audience.

15. Pros and Cons of Each Platform

 Here’s the scoop on the strengths and potential pitfalls of Audible and Audiobooks.com.



  • Vast Library: Audible’s colossal library offers an unparalleled selection, from bestsellers to niche genres.
  • Exclusive Content: Audible Originals add a unique flair, including original audiobooks, podcasts, and performances.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app’s intuitive design makes navigation a breeze, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Amazon Integration: Sync seamlessly with Amazon devices, enhancing your overall ecosystem if you’re already in the Amazon fold.


  • Cost: While the subscription model is cost-effective, individual purchases can be pricier compared to other platforms like book publishers in new York City.
  • Credit System: Some users may prefer outright ownership over the ‘borrowing’ model associated with credits.



  • Cost-Effective: The credit-based system often translates to lower costs, making it budget-friendly for regular listeners.
  • Curated Collections: Audiobooks.com’s curated collections offer a personal touch, guiding users to hidden gems.
  • Responsive Support: The platform provides reliable customer service, ensuring prompt assistance.
  • Accessibility: Audiobooks.com maintains a user-friendly interface, catering to a diverse audience.


  • Library Size: While substantial, the library may not match the sheer volume of Audible’s offerings.
  • Exclusive Content: It may lack the same level of exclusive content as Audible Originals.

16. Who Should Choose Audible?

Audible is great for people who love listening to audiobooks. It has a good deal; if you listen to a ton, you pay a subscription that saves you money. If you like specific types of stories, Audible has a lot of different ones for you to choose from. If you already use Amazon’s devices like Echo, Audible works well with them. And if you enjoy special and unique content, Audible has some exclusive things just for its users.

17. Who Should Choose Audiobooks.com?

Audiobooks.com suits budget-conscious listeners with a credit-based system. Curated collections attract those who appreciate thoughtful selections, and the platform caters to regular listeners, not heavy listeners, with a balanced credit system. Its user-friendly interface appeals to those prioritizing simplicity and ease of use.


After exploring various aspects like pricing, library size, and app features in comparing Audible and Audiobooks, the decision boils down to personal preferences. Each Professional Audiobook Service has its strengths, be it a vast library, exclusive content, or cost-effectiveness. To make the best choice for your audiobook preferences, take the time to gather information and make an informed decision.

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