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5 Websites Where You Can Self-Publishing your eBook For Free


The digital revolution has made it easier than ever to start a literary journey. This is because it has changed the way we share and read content. You don’t need a formal publishing deal if you’ve written down your thoughts, ideas, or stories and want to share them with people worldwide. 

Self-publishing has become an excellent way for writers to get their stories and thoughts into the world. With the development of digital technology, it is now easier than ever to make and share eBooks. 

In examining the contemporary literary landscape, we present a selection of websites that provide both a path and a liberating experience: the ability to self-publish your eBook for free. 

The 5 Best Free Sites for Self-Publishing In 2023:

Several digital publishing services, like urban book publishers in new york, let writers self-publish eBooks for free. Smash words has an easy interface and extensive distribution, whereas

Draft2Digital streamlines formatting and cooperation, offering services similar to those found in Best Autobiography Books.

Also, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers a vast readership, as discussed in Kindle Direct Publishing.


Lulu offers print-on-demand, a concept further explained in Hardcover Book.

, and BookRix builds author-reader communities. Authors can share their works globally without publication expenses on these networks.

1- Smashwords:

At Smashwords, getting your eBook out there is more of a do-it-yourself job. You must first use the site’s “Metagrinder” tool to send your eBook and a cover image. The online tool will make an eBook in the right format in just a few minutes. So, that’s all.

You can sell and market the eBook right on the site for self-publishing. You can also sell the eBook on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore, Baker & Taylor’s Bilo, Kobo, and many other giant online publishing platforms. The online publisher has also made deals with third-party companies, like Baker & Taylor’s Axis360, so that public libraries can get their eBooks.

2- Draft2Digital:

This eBook Publishing tool is a model of how easy it is to use. They have a one-stop shop where you can get set up to publish books online with various outlets. They care for layout so you can do what you do best. Upload your manuscript in any file that Word can read, and they’ll take care of the rest, including the covers, table of contents, front matter, and back matter. 

You don’t have to worry about sales or prices, either. They take care of everything. Your eBook will be sold at major stores, and if you don’t give it a free ISBN, it will be given one immediately. You still own everything about your eBook. And they only get 10% of the price the eBook sells for. You also get dedicated customer service and help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3- Apple eBook Store:

Apple’s eBook store and iTunes U are two free ways to self-publish your eBook and get the most attention. If you click here, you can learn more about the online sites for self-publishing. Both stores have different rules about how digital books can be uploaded.

To put your eBook on the iBooks Store or iTunes U, you must change the file to ePub or iBooks format. You can change the books using the free tools we talked about before. For a file to be published in iTunes U, it must be saved as either an.ePub or an. ibook file.

You should use the iBook file to sell your work as a subscription through the iBook Store. For the eBook to get the most attention, consider sharing it as an ePub, PDF, or text file so it can be read for free on other platforms.

4- Kitaboo:

Kitaboo is a digital publishing tool that has won awards, similar to the capabilities described in Empower Yourself to Bring Your Writing to the World.

and lets you put your eBooks online for free. Kitaboo is great because it’s not just another free writing site like the one above.

It is an all-in-one platform that lets you make an eBook from scratch, add interactivity, post it, and share it with your audience. Whether your fans are on a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone, Kitaboo will send your eBook to all of these devices without any trouble. It works with various running systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. 

Kitaboo is interesting because it can be used to hide information. It has a secure cloud-based method for distributing eBooks, so they are DRM-encrypted and can only be opened with an access code. 

Kitaboo has a reading app, so anyone who wants to read your eBook can download and use it. Your eBook material cannot be copied or changed when shared with many people because DRM protects it. 

5- Barnes & Noble Press:

Barnes & Noble PressTM, which used to be called Nook Press, became a part of the bookseller’s business in 2018. The relaunch changed the press’s name, making it easier for self-publishing writers to get in touch with.

The B&N Press website has become famous quickly because it makes things much easier, echoing the sentiment in Navigating the Publishing Journey.

, smoother, and simpler for users. The company was responsible for 3 percent of eBook sales in the U.S.

If you have a finished manuscript that has been edited and is ready for the world, it will take you less than 72 hours to set up an account and have your book show up in B&N’s online bookstore for people to see.

The app is quick and easy to use, which makes it similar to KDP. If you want to take your self-publishing to the next level, the website also has printing services where users can order hardcover or paperback versions of your eBook.

Tips for Self-Publishing Authors:

  • Polished work: Before publishing, ensure your work has been edited and polished well. To improve the quality of your work, hire a professional editor or get feedback from test readers.
  • Professional Cover Design: If you want to get people to read your book, you need an engaging cover. Invest in a professional cover designer or use well-known design tools to make a standout cover that looks good and fits the genre.
  • Formatting is important because it ensures your eBook looks professional on different devices. For more on this, explore Format a Book for Publishing.
  • Targeted marketing: Make a marketing plan for the people you want to reach. You can use social media, author websites, and email newsletters to promote your eBook. Engage with possible readers by writing and talking about things that are important to them.

Main Feature and Benefits for Authors

Feature Site Highlights Benefits for Authors
Ease of Use Sites like Smashwords and Draft2Digital Simple interfaces, quick format conversions
Distribution Amazon KDP, Apple eBook Store, B&N Press Wide reach, major online platforms
Formatting and Tools Draft2Digital, Kitaboo Automated layout, interactivity, DRM protection
Special Features Kitaboo (DRM encryption), Lulu (print-on-demand) Secure distribution, physical book options
Community Building BookRix, B&N Press Author-reader engagement, broader audience
Innovative Publishing Apple eBook Store, Kitaboo Subscription services, multi-device compatibility
Support and Services All listed platforms Customer service, marketing tools, ISBN provision


If you pick the right places to post, all your work will be for something. A platform for Self-Publishing your eBook can make or break its success, so you must be careful when picking one. 

You can choose from several free publishing sites; we’ve named some of the best ones here. All the eBook publishing sites we’ve discussed give you the help you need to ensure you’re doing things right. 

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