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15 Best Popular Poetry books for children

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  • image March 14, 2024
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In the wonderous childhood journey, poetry can often be the gentlest yet most vibrant introduction to the beauty of words. Poetry has a magic all its own. It can make us laugh, cry, think, or simply bask in the beauty of its words.

Poetry books for children serve as tools for language development and as windows into the vastness of emotion and imagination. For children especially, poetry is a fantastic gateway to a love of language, rhythm, and creativity.

If you’re searching for poetry books that children will enjoy and treasure, you’ve come to the right place. The Urban Book Publishers brings you a roundup of the 15 best popular poetry books, each a doorway to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

1. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Starting with a touching story that transcends generations, Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” is poetry in the shape of a parable. It’s a heartfelt tale about the relationship between a boy and a tree, deeply poetic and moving, making it more than just one of the usual poetry books for children.

2. Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings by Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein invites children to the magical places “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and introduces them to a world where anything is possible. This book stands tall among poetry books for children, encouraging kids to dream and wonder through Silverstein’s imaginative verse and quirky illustrations.

3. A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

“A Light in the Attic” shines brightly as an essential addition to any child’s library of poetry books for children. With more of Silverstein’s trademark wit and wisdom, each poem opens the door to laughter, curiosity, and the joy of unexpected discoveries.

4. Every Thing On It by Shel Silverstein

Following the timeless trend of his other works, “Every Thing On It” offers children a literary platter filled with wild and zany characters, each poem a delight. It’s among the poetry books that spark creativity and encourage kids to view the world in new, inventive ways.

5. The Lorax (Classic Seuss) by Dr. Seuss

“The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss is more than a cautionary tale about the environment; it’s a masterpiece of poetic storytelling. Nursery rhymes pale compared to the Lorax’s plea for the trees, making it a poetic favorite among children and adults.

6. The Cat in the Hat (Beginner Books(R)) by Dr. Seuss

As another staple among poetry books for children, Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat” beckons readers with its whimsical rhymes and engaging tale. It’s an adventure in phonics and fun, teaching kids the joy of reading and rhyming for generations. The brilliance of this book lies not only in its playful language but also in its vivid imagery editing, where each page bursts with colors and characters that seem to jump right off the page.

7. One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (Beginner Books(R)) by Dr. Seuss

This Dr. Seuss classic makes counting and colors an adventure. The playful verses and silly wordplay are why “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” is a treasured selection among poetry books, engaging them in laughter and learning.

8. Green Eggs and Ham (Beginner Books(R)) by Dr. Seuss

“Green Eggs and Ham” is a quintessential Dr. Seuss offering, with its repetitive, catchy rhymes that stick in young minds. As children chant along, they unknowingly develop a love for poetry’s rhythm and rhyme, essentials in the world of poetry books for children.

9. Goodnight, Little One, Goodnight! by Marie Anna Laubert

Marie Anna Laubert’s “Goodnight, Little One, Goodnight!” is a lyrical lullaby in book form, making it a standout choice for bedtime amongst poetry books for children. It lets little ones drift off to dreamland on the soft clouds of soothing rhymes.

10. Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson

Introducing the profound world of Emily Dickinson, “Poetry for Kids” brings her mystical words into children’s hearts. This book is a gentle stepping stone into more classic poetry, showing why such works remain long-standing poetry books.

11. Can I Touch Your Hair?: Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship by Irene Latham

Irene Latham’s book bravely opens dialogues on complex subjects. It’s evocative and timely, emphasizing that poetry books for children can address heavy topics with a tender touch, facilitating understanding and empathy through verse. Crafting such sensitive material often requires skilled storytelling and a nuanced approach to language – something that high-quality ghostwriting services can provide.

12. Something Sure Smells Around Here: Limericks (Poetry Adventures) by Brian P. Cleary

Among poetry books, this collection stands out for its sheer fun. Brian P. Cleary’s limericks are a rollicking good time, guaranteed to elicit giggles and repeat readings.

13. “Fox in Socks” by Dr. Seuss


“Fox in Socks” is a book by Dr. Seuss that’s super fun because it’s full of tongue-twisters. It’s like a game where you try to say the silly and tricky words without getting mixed up. The story and pictures are colorful and keep you smiling as you try to follow along. It’s a great book for having a good time while you read.

14. “Sweet Baby Blue” by Victoria Scudder

“Sweet Baby Blue” is a book written by Victoria Scudder. It talks about what it’s like to be a little boy. The story is told in rhymes, which makes it fun to listen to or read. It’s about adventures, playing, and dreaming big. This book tells boys that growing up and discovering the world is awesome.

15. “Never Give Up On Your Dreams” by Michael Wong

This book by Michael Wong is nothing else but the one that is focused on persuading you to move on and never give up, whatever happens. It has lines in a rhythm, making it a very interesting piece to read. The tale is about never giving up, being optimistic, and pushing hard to get what you want out of life. It is a great lesson for children that they can accomplish anything provided they persistently put in the effort and wait for the results.


The spectrum of poetry books for children is as brilliant and diverse as the creativity of kids who read them.

Poetry invites one to perceive the universe in new ways and think differently about it. It is not only from books that children learn to love reading but also how they can explore their imaginative and curious sides. These 15 children’s poetry books will ignite a lifelong fascination for words and pictures that bring happiness and self-reflection into young minds.

By incorporating narrative poetry elements, these books offer rich, layered experiences that go beyond simple rhymes.  Whether it is the fantastic travels of Mr. Silverstein’s characters, the amazing poetries of Maya Angelou, or the wonderful world of reading a poem with a friend, there is a whole world of mystery waiting to be discovered between the pages of these books.

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