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10 Best Book Publishing Platforms For Authors


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There are a lot of services that self-publishing companies can offer, from writing and book design to printing and distributing. 

Some self-publishing platforms are better than others, but all allow writers to publish their work without the hassle of obtaining a literary agent and persuading a publisher.

A Closer Look at the Finest Publishing Platforms for Authors

Choose your publishing platforms as per your requirements and needs:

1- Google Playbooks:

The first online site for publishing eBooks doesn’t need an introduction.

For more details on eBook publishing, check out these 5 Websites Where You Can Self-Publish Your eBook for Free.

It’s clear that Google Play is a big platform—it’s used in 75 countries by over 300 billion people. Its Play Books tool lets writers post their books online so that many people can read them. 

When your book is on Google Play Books, you make it available to Google’s search system. This makes your book much more visible.

If an author wants to share their book on more than one site simultaneously, Google does not require a monopoly. Play Books only works with PDF and EPUB files and gives 70% of the sales to the writers. 

2- Amazon KDP:

There are many companies from which to choose if you want to self-publish. But Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the best choice if you want the best. They have a lot to give writers and are one of the world’s biggest and best self-publishing companies. For a comprehensive guide, see Kindle Direct Publishing. Their customer base is very big, so you’ll be able to reach many people interested in reading your work.

Additionally, they provide fair royalties, making it simple to secure publishing deals and sell your book in shops and on the Internet. You can be sure that you’re getting everything you need to be great because they offer writers a lot of help and tools. That’s why Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the best self-publishing business.

3- Apple Books:

Apple Books is one of the best places to work with if you want to self-publish your book. Explore more about Hosting Platforms for Digital Publishing.

You can get their help with many things to get your book released and into people’s hands, such as printing, distributing, and advertising it.

They also care a lot about quality and will make sure your book meets their high standards before it sells. Furthermore, Apple Books provides exceptional customer service, guaranteeing that each phase will be attended.

4- Barnes and Noble Press:

Barnes and Noble Press is one of the best publishing platforms for many reasons. First, they reach many people because their books are sold nationwide in Barnes and Noble shops. 

Some marketing and advertising services are also available to help writers get the word out about their books. They also have a strong editing team that helps and guides them through printing.

Authors can generate substantial income with each book sold, owing to the favorable royalty rates they provide. Because of these things, people think that Barnes and Noble Press is one of the best self-publishing companies.


Blurb is a self-publishing business that has won awards. Learn about Hardcover Book, which can be useful for Blurb users. They provide various services, such as printing tools, eBooks, and printed books. Besides that, they have many types and sizes of books, so you can pick between hardback and softcover books or even make your size. 

The fact that Blurb doesn’t charge for delivery makes their service a great choice. Blurb gives you two book printing choices: the “Do It Yourself” option and the “Expert” option.

5- Urban Book Publishers:

Regarding self-publishing, Urban Book Publishers is among the top firms because of the variety of services and goods they provide. Discover more about Identity in the Publishing Industry.

book publishers New York offer full-service publishing, where the publisher handles all aspects of the publishing process, from editing to distribution, or self-publishing, where authors retain control over all stages of production.

Plus, they have a ton of book cover templates you can choose from, so you can make something that looks great and does your work justice. If you want to print a book, it is a great choice.

6- IngramSpark:

When looking for a self-publishing platform to assist you in publishing and distributing your books, IngramSpark is a top choice. For more on self-publishing, check out  Your Writing to the World In addition, writers may place small-batch orders for their books via IngramSpark, a print-on-demand service. 

The main benefit of this approach is that it is cost-effective; it only becomes expensive when more volumes are produced. Your book will be accessible in all major online shops, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, thanks to IngramSpark’s digital distribution options.

7- KOBO Writing Life:

Kobo Writing Life is a way for people to share their work. Further information can be found in Success in Self-Publishing. One of the most well-known independent publishing services, it has many tools to help authors print their books easily. People who want to self-publish their books will find Kobo Writing Life easy to use and full of useful tools.

With its powerful marketing features and support for several languages, Kobo Writing Life stands out from other self-publishing platforms. 

8- Smashwords:

Smashwords is a great self-publishing service for writers who want to set prices. To understand more about ebook pricing, read Business Writing Formats You can also choose how much to charge for your ebook on Smashwords, and it’s free to send it to all the big stores, like Amazon. There is also a free ebook transfer tool on Smashwords that makes it easier to prepare your file for each store.

The user experience at Smashwords is simple and easy to use, and the company has great customer service. This is also one of the cheapest self-publishing sites because there are no setup or monthly fees. Still, one should discuss publishing cost insights before selecting them. 

9- BookBaby:

One of the best things about self-publishing is that it can help you get your book out there quickly and easily. If you want to share your eBook in multiple versions, such as Kindle and Nook, BookBaby is a good choice. A free ISBN is included with every order from BookBaby. This makes it easy for people to find your book on Amazon and other online stores.

BookBaby also has a great group of writers and people who work in publishing where you can get help and ask questions.

10- Draft2Digital:

Online content management system (CMS) Draft2Digital lets writers post their book files and make them available at many stores. Companies that want to control their content also use this CMS. You may use this platform for your self-publishing requirements, including eBook conversion services and metadata management tools.

Main Platform and Key Features and Unique Selling Point

Platform Key Features Unique Selling Point
Google Playbooks – Online eBook publishing
– Supports PDF and EPUB
– 70% sales to authors
– Global reach in 75 countries
– Integration with Google’s search
Amazon KDP – Large customer base
– Fair royalties
– Comprehensive author support
– Leading self-publishing company
– Extensive market penetration
Apple Books – Support in printing, distributing, and advertising
– High-quality standards
– Emphasis on quality and customer service
Barnes and Noble Press – National retail presence
– Marketing and advertising services
– Strong editing team
– Favorable royalty rates
– Brick-and-mortar store presence
Blurb – DIY and Expert printing options
– Variety of book types and sizes
– Free delivery
– Award-winning service
– Flexible printing options
Urban Book Publishers – Full-service or self-publishing options
– Variety of cover templates
– Versatile publishing options
– Focus on aesthetic presentation
IngramSpark – Print-on-demand service
– Cost-effective for small batches
– Wide digital distribution
– Efficient for small-scale authors
– Broad online distribution


Book publishing platforms play a vital role in the publishing industry, assisting authors in realizing their creative work by providing support in editing, design, printing and distribution. This effectively helps promote an author’s book to reach a wider audience and ultimately increase book sales.

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